Why using
Cloud on ChipTM Technology?

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The benefits.

New advantages & profits
Highly modular offers
Easy to use & integrate
Money & time savings
New user experiences
Reliability & security

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New advantages & profits

Thanks to the cloud-on-ChipTM technology, develop new web services around your range of devices. Your offer must be more innovative and interactives to generate new sources of incomes.

Highly modular offers

Cloud-on-ChipTM technology can be applied in most of business sectors with apps made to measure and a panel of services almost unlimited.

Easy to use & integrate

Cloud-on-ChipTM solution is based on open source technologies and can be tested thank’s to a web tools and EVB and SDK kits now availables !

Money & time savings

Many Cloud-on-ChipTM applications enable society or persons to gain time and optimize functioning costs to save money.

New user experiences

Smart Things offer to consumers a new way to interact with their environement. From their smartphone or tablet, they can keep control on their house or vehicle and receive information about the device.

Reliability and security

The Cloud-on-ChipTM solution guarantees a total protection with your data. Our platform is based on the biggest web structures (Gandhi, Amazon) and is the result of 6 years of development.

Cloud on ChipTM highlights.

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